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LHC fired up this morning Answered

At 7:00 GMT this morning, engineers fired the first beam at the Large Hadron Collider.

It worked on the first try.

We're not dead.

They didn't discover extra subatomic particles previously unknown to scienceyet.

Pretty boring, really.

Actually, apparently they had technical difficulties the night before-part of the cooling system (which keeps the magnets cool. Very cool. 1.9 degrees kelvin, to be exact.) failed. They worked on it and managed to fix it overnight though.

Details via newscientist (includes video).

Via guardian.co.uk


> We're not dead.

WHAT ????
Damn ... and all that time I was prety sure that I was dead and that my mind was lost in the debris of my memories, refusing to admit that I was no more ...

I stopped to talk to peoples, I stopped to go to work, I stopped to go to the toilets, to feed my cat, to post useless jokes on instructables.com ... and I even ran naked in the street ! ............ and now, you're telling me that I'm not dead ???

Okay. Can you prove that ?

Well, if the world was gone, how could you have ran through the streets naked?

Unless....they were imaginary streets product of the images created by your mind to recreate your memories, therefor creating your own little world, based on your experiences, a world all your own, with your own rules, but if you are oblivious to the fact that you made the rules, then you couldn't make them, therefore your world would be chaos, chaos surrounding you, scared and disoriented, you ran, your fears only create more chaos, you are suddenly without clothes while a 30ft hamburger chases you uttering some sort of demonic chant: "Waka-Waka-Waka" As you hear there words your memories adapt your world to this familiar concept, twisting your world to accommodate your new feelings, you are now a ghost in your own world, a "god" if you will. Yet you still don't know of your role, you still do not set any rule, and you are overthrown by those who seek order, those very beings created from your memory challenge you, taking over your psyche, your memories replace you, your world eliminates you. It organizes itself, and life goes on. Yet you appear in the middle of the streets, you have seen your image, and your memory will forever remember it, you are now a creation of your own memory, which exists outside of boundaries, since it creates its own. You cannot escape. You cannot change. Order has been established. You are a prisoner. You are your memories. You are the universe. Eventually the process shall repeat itself, and you shall cease to exist while the memory of your memory becomes a god, and loses itself amongst its own world. We cannot escape. There is no chaos. The order is established. We can only play along, believing in chaos. If we didn't order would be broken and chaos would arise. If that wasn't chaos, what further existence could await us? What are we? Why, are we?

Hey ! That's a great description ! Did you read the "bardo todol" or something ? I think that's exactly what would happen.

The Book of the dead? Nope. I'm afraid of death or something like that...

Oooo, that is cold enough for Quantum Physics to happen in there :-)