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LIPIZANNERS ftw !!!! - updated Answered

WOW!!! what a show!!!!

I have to share some of the pics with you that I took, even though many of them are not very good....and then I will include a video someone else did, that summarizes what I saw tonight (it was a 2 hour show).

These are magnificent animals, and as they performed, they appeared to really enjoy it...wanting to get "into" some of the more difficult moves,  sometimes a bit earlier than they were supposed to :-) 

Enjoy the pictures, if you can, as they are a bit small.


A friend of mine, online was questioning me about how "happy" the horses were "performing". 

Well, other then the fact that they seemed to bask in all the applause they were given,  the horses brought out to perform
Airs Above the Ground were literally frolicking to get on with the show.  They seemed to most want to do the move called the Capriole the most.  Earlier in the show too, we could see them, as they sat in a line waiting to come out, pawing at the arena floor as if to say "lets get on with it !"   :-) 



 Very cool, I saw them a couple years back. Have I ever mentioned I own a couple horses?

You may have mentioned that, I am not sure.   I love horses, but could never afford to own one.

 Methinks I must start an equine forum thread...

You could :-)    I love horses too, but I have not had a lot of experience with riding (and it got cut short, after I quit smoking and gained weight from over eating).   But I do seem to "get along" with them well. :-)

I love horses (three?), and I haven't had a lot of experience with riding either. Two of my aunts have four horses between them, but they live about three thousand miles away! I took riding lessons for a while, but anything horse-related racks up a huge bill.

I've never seen the Lipizzaners before--the closest thing I've seen would be some local dressage shows. Thanx for sharing the pictures.   

You're welcome.  The video isn't one I made though, just the still pictures. But it shows the highlights of what I saw at the show.

literally it means:   For The Win

It is an Internet expression of enthusiasiam.

Sure (and being an older guy,  I double checked on the web to make sure...and that is a quote from one site up there in bold ;-) 

Well, I am kind of steeped in it (from work and from here ;-)   and I am 51 (since Nov. 20th)

Ah man their outfits are awesome :)

 Yeah, you just gotta be able to pull it off...

And aren't those beautiful horses too?    Other then feeling like I was sitting on the edge of a 2x4, I enjoyed the show.

The bleacher seats consisted of alumunum rails about 5-6 inches deep..... 

 talk about uncomfy! Mabey they made the bleachers for Jello people......

^( srry im pretty random sometimes)

Or maybe for board (bored? )  people   *chuckle*

Well, you could have been sitting on pins and needles...

Had there been enough of them, it might have been more comforable.  Nevertheless,  the show distracted us enough that we were able to sew up the night in a happy mood.

You seemed to be on the fringe of the good seats, have you been in the fold, you might have gotten more padding.  Any comedy in the show to keep you in stitches?

Saddly, most of my padding, is up in the spare tire and not down where it could be more useful. Still, the seats were not made for the couture, but rather the rabble that normally hemmed their way in by paying for their seats :-) 

Sounds like you got the good seats, better the edge of a 2x4 than the end.  Pretty regal horses, only live horse show I have seen is the jousting at a Renaissance Faire.

They were bleacher seats, but up front,  the only people in front of us had real chairs (folding chairs, but padded :-) 

8 years ago

I bet that was cool to see. Are all the horses as alike as they appear in the pix?

We walked downtown this summer to see the Budweiser clydesdales. I'm not really a horse person, but my wife is... I enjoyed it too.

They are pretty close.  Born dark brown, or nearly black, after a number years, they turn white.   We saw 2 of the 8 in the show with small speckles of black still on them.  And on occasion, the rare one does not turn white.
Some mains, tails, ect. were braided making it a bit easier to tell them apart.

We "suburban folk" forget that horse breeding is an ancient art...

very ancient indeed. 

Still, what I learned about these horses, amazed me.  My wife started out being the one most interested in horses (she's shown them in her youth), but I have always like to ride (trail ride mostly), something I treated her to on our honeymoon, which she was just thrilled about. 

Arabians are another very 'noble" beast too :-) 

Looks awesome. You were pretty excited about it when I spoke to you. Glad you persuaded your wife to go, did she enjoy it too?

Yeah, she did, immensely (and she forgot about all her "ills" during that time too :-)