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Hi everybody....

Can anyone with the " expertize " with the LM350 and a Power Schottky Rectifier, tell me if I can use a Schottky rectifier at 10A instead of the LM350 with 3A, in a variable power supply, with 24V and 15A ATX power supply?  I´m new at this and I´m trying to build a Tattoo power supply from the ATX.  A link to the diagram.  https://www.instructables.com/files/orig/F2D/LMFU/FYYNECNH/F2DLMFUFYYNECNH.jpg
I read that the Schottky has less powerloss, but what is the difference, and please tell me as if I was 5 years old, so that it can sink in :)



Don't bother, just use standard and cheap diodes.

Hi. I have 3 or 4 schottky rectifiers ready for use, and please can you elaborate with your comment to why and how I could use diodes, LM350 and the schottky and if I can use the schottky instead of the LM350? Ys iq0100

You need the LM350, the diodes are I think there to prevent damage to the LM350.

Its a very, very badly drawn circuit you are following.


Okay, I drew for the first time my own PCB after that circuit, a bit of modding and I solved it. Any suggestions to the drawn circuit, but if it works and I have my PCB and homemade etching solution, then I´m ready to try it out, just with the LM317 x 2 " would like dual output for 2 guns " . Jesper

I agree with you (if the 317 gives enough current....), use 2.