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LOL, is this a bug? Answered

look at the picture:




Did he posted that rickroll thing?

no, it was not rickroll, it was a mean comment

Why is he being so mean to you? I notice on his member page on the comments he made was offensive...

Oh, okay, don't say it otherwise you might be flagged...

wow that was funny
But rather inappropriate. Please cease and Desist.

Well, it messed up, but use commas and 's to surround it.

Even tinier! Wow, that is hella tiny!

zoom in to see what I wrote.

no, its not a bug, just no one has ever been 999 years old

you dont believe in the bible....................

So? I don't believe in Harry Potter, but I can still know stuff about the book, can't I?

lol, chooseausername said his age was 129

Oh, too bad, we know your post code! (I mean zip code or what ever it is called.)

Yeah, that's too bad. DON'T go to Google maps and DON'T find out that 71201 is a Louisiana Address. Don't do it.

Too late, I had already examined my home state a long time ago...

LOL! I wonder who is still alive and 999 years old...

see? that is exactly why you should be banned. every comment you post is a violation of the "be nice" policy

yeah. totally agreed. if he thinks everyone is immature, he should head somewhere else

maybe youtube, that place has only about 1000 good videos and is the spam central of the Internet

the maximum age you can type is 130


9 years ago

We have a "be nice" comment policy. Please be positive and constructive with your comments or risk being banned from our site.

Is it not pretty obvious? There's not going to be some weird part of the site's code that would make it say that. Someone must have intended that to be there and typed it in to the code. It's not like a web page would randomly do this by some strange glitch.

Hey! We have a Be Nice policy! Please be positive and constructive with your comments or risk being banned from out site!