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LOST FANS Answered

This forum is all about LOST, if you don't know what LOST is, it's a TV show! Now, it is not just any TV show but it happens to be the best TV show ever made. I know it's a little off topic for this site but I really do not care seeing as how many people like LOST. If you want to start watching LOST and have never seen an episode before...or maybe you have seen an episode or two...or maybe you missed an episode...they can all be found at www.abc.com just click FULL EPISODES at the top of the page and when the new screen comes up look to the left and click the season you want to watch and the episode!


Good episode! But, as usual, it ended too soon. Whenever I watch Lost it's like a whole hour goes by in two seconds. Now I have to wait till next Wednesday and there better not be another delay.

Well, no episode on the 11th. Have to wait until the 18th...hope it's worth it.

OMG lost is on tonight the season premeir from 8:00 to 11:00 i am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy i maght light off some fireworks!

I know what you mean...I will light off some fireworks, I got a bunch of bottlerockets.

lol i cant get bottle rockets here i have to make them out of visco fuse

i have a theory i think Miles is the Darma Initiative video guys son, you know the guy that makes the orientation videos. and i think Charlotte is the girl that carved the wooden dolls for Ben when he was little.

Crud! I have to watch this in fuzzy black and white...

Dang, I kind of thought this had to do with YOU losing some fans, like air fans, because I have like, a lot. :P

hahaha air fans? like those electric fans they sell at disney land those are awesome!

Ok, I'm lost.....oh the TV show.....I work a shift that keeps me from watching anything after 4:00 pm

The episodes are usually posted on ABC.com the next day. You can watch them there.

Yeah, the operative word being could if you add if I had the time ;-)

Too bad. I guess you could quit your job...but that sounds a little counterproductive.

It makes eating, especially inside the apartment, kind of hard with no income I mean :-)

I made a group...

Wow! This page has been dead for the past 3 months...Don't worry, I'm expecting A LOT of traffic starting in Feburary!


9 years ago

lost is just plain awsome, the game is alright :\ they should have a movie at the end of the series that tries to sums things up ( kinda impossible sice lost is so deep)

jack from lost is in the movie vantage point!

The funny thing is that I knew who he was just by looking at his chin...weird.

Lost fan? That is unusual name...


10 years ago

I love Lost. When does the new season start?

I don't know, I'll have to look it up...anyone got a dictionary?

Best show ever, period.

Your a poet, and you didn't know.... that you were one.

anyone know why the past two weeks of lost were redos?

OK, I found out that the next new episode of LOST is due to come out on 4/24/2008. It is called "The Shape of Things to Come.

I hear that the writers of LOST went on strike for a while but everything is cool now....but mabey this is just a rumor. Another rumor about LOST: Jin's character will be killed off in this season because he got a DUI. This is likely because Anna Lucia, Libby,& Eko all got their character's killed off for getting a DUI.

they did a very late april fools prank anyways why did you say march madness its ?april?