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LT Spice Switches? Answered

I have a simple question... If anyone here knows about the program LTSpice, is it possible to create switches that are manual, like pushbutton switches, spdt/dpst/etc., not automatic switches?


you can modify just the stetic part of the switch right clicking on a automatic switch (sw) and in the component atrubute editor clicking on the open symbol button you can delete parts of the drawing to create a simple switch


8 years ago

ltspice simulations don't run at real-life speed and as far as I know there's no provision made for realtime inputs or outputs.

it can read and write wav files but I don't think it can handle streaming input.

gcompris has a real time simulatior with switches, it's for kids though. 
it uses  gnucap for the simulation. geda might be worth a look.