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Labware for Sale Answered

Hey guys, Over the years I've collected a fair amount of glassware other junk from various institutions. Unfortunately, my preoccupations as such don't permit as much time to pursue my hobbies. However, I'm abroad now, and will be until mid-December, so I can't actually supply much more info than generalizations about the materials. If anyone's interested in hearing more, reply on this thread or message me. Also unsure about some of the fitting sizes. To my knowledge I'm pretty sure I have: 1 - Allihn Condensor 2 - 1L Round bottom boiling flasks sv. - 500ml Round bottom boiling flasks 4 - VariACs 2/3 - Cases of 15ml glass screw-top vials 2/3 - Cases of 15ml plastic screw-top vials many - Ground glass stoppers many - Ground glass neck bottles (apothecary style!) 3 - Glass retorts 1 - 5L Glass carboy with broken outlet nozzle 1 - Drying chamber with vacuum attachment 100's - 15/30 ml glass tubes They'll be shipped from New England; only domestic inquiries please.


Here are some pictures of the stuff I've dragged out so far.  The glassware is used, but in great condition; I'm recharging the desiccant for the chamber as I type this. I have dozens of the ceramic crucibles and watch glasses.  The variacs and heat/stir plates work fine, but aesthetically, they've seen better days. PM me about purchasing. I'll be uploading photos of the more menial stuff soon.


Are any of your items still available? I live in New England and I'm gathering parts to build my own fine beam tube. If it's still available, can you give me some details about the item in the third picture in the left column?



8 years ago

Do you still have the retorts? If so, how much do the cost and how can I guy one?

My email address for reply only: wheatlight@frontiernet.net. Please give prices on any retorts you have left. Are they "pyrex" type glass? Thanks.

im interested in the glass retort. How much do you want for it?

No rotary-evaporators then? L

Naw. Any I'd get my hands on wouldn't be functional anyway.

I remember taking two vans down to Dagenham (forget which big Pharma it was right now, but I think it was Aventis), but one of the main draws was a library-rack of a slightly-obscure foreign journal. They got loaded down to the suspension-stops, but we got a lot of good stuff. L

Pictures of the items might generate more interest.

How many vials are in a case?