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Lacrosse Stringing and dyeing Answered

Hello everyone, I've been playing lacrosse for quite a while and I want to get into stringing my own sticks. I have strung two heads in the past, with my own pocket designs, and I want to get better at it. So please, anyone who can string well, or knows about stringing, please post an instructable on how to string a lacrosse stick. Also, if anyone knows how to dye a stick well, an instructable on that would also be appreciated.


I posted one.

No problem! If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

I'm a defender, what kind of pocket should I string on my Revo 2.0? I want something that will throw nicely and have a good hold.

The head isn't pinched much, and it is a very strong head.

really? i thought it was pinched a bunch. i like the brine Edge. theres a kid on our team with the edge dyed black, and all black mesh/shooting laces and sidewall. it looks sick

I used to have the original Brine Edge. It was great... until I broke it. My brother just died his white Proton Power black. It looks pretty cool. We also won 19-8 today. W00t!

yours broke?!?!? I use the original Edge and ive had it bent so that the top bent all the way back to the shaft. (during a face-off at practice) Congrats! did you get any goals?

Nah, but my brother had two. My coaches are being extremely unreasonable this year. They do not substitute any of the attackmen, except at about the last five minutes. And in close games I do not even play at all. My twin is left handed, and our star attackman broke his thumb so now he is starting. It is really annoying because I feel that I am better than more than half of the players my coach puts onto the field.

that sucks. switch to midi. unless your team has like a million midis then you will definatly get some playing time.

One of our assistant coaches is starting to have my brother and I pick for each other on the crease. We work well together. Plus, since we are twins, the defense will have a hard time finding out which of us is which.

lol except for the part about having different numbers on your jerseys... I hate getting picks set on me hahaha where you play is there a rule against hitting picks? we get a minute penalty for hitting a pick,. i guess we are supposed to move around them...

Yea, it is unnecessary roughness I think. I am usually on the receiving end of being hit while I am picking....not fun. Do you play middle school or high school?

that is the stupidest rule ever. if you know you are about to get hit then you can just cross your arms like your a pick and then THEY get the penalty... i play on the varsity highschool team

I think it is a pretty useless rule too. The whole point of the pick is to block the defender, and the offensive person is pretty much forcing himself to be hit. I am also on varsity. How are you guys doing this year?

well, not too good. our JV(the freshmen and sophmore varsity players get bumped down for JV games) is 6-2 the varsity is 3-5... but we play all the easy teams towards the end of the year. so hopefully our record will improve.

Defense is the best position. What shaft do you have?

I really cannot say, because it is preference. You can string it normally, and then add your own touch by the way you do your sidewalls, shooters, and bottom strings.

@BakenBitz. Here are the steps.
1. get a white head of your choice with the mesh and strings on them.

2. Get RIT Dye in whatever color you want(black)

3. Get one of those aluminum foil cooking pan takeout container thingies that are big.

4.Heat up water in the pan on the stove, until bubbles start to come to the top. Make the water almost boil.

5.Then place the RIT dye into the pot and stir it until it is mixed. After, submerge the head.

6.Let the stick sit in the water until it reaches the desired color.

7.When you have the desired color pull the head out and wash it off with cold water.

8.If you're dying the stick a darker color like black then you can re-dye the head, so the head doesn't fade as quickly. Then take the head out and wash it off with cold water again

The mesh and stringing will be hard, but it should be easy to break in just by doing this: Put a ball where you want the pocket, stick a pencil through the side of the plastic part of the head, and let the ball stay like that overnight.
Additionally, if you want a cool design, you can cover part of the head with hot glue or stickers, so when you take the stickers or glue off, the shape of the stickers or glue stay the original color of the head!

Good luck dyeing! Hope this helps!

Note: When you dye a head, you void the manufacture warranty.