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Lame Slideshows Answered

The increased visibility/accessibility of the "slideshow" option seems to have resulted in a large increase in the number of useless/non-instructive/incomplete/spam/whack-a-doodle postings. I'm tired of wading through heaps of crap just to find real, honest-to-goodness Instructables: step-by-step instructions for making/doing things. I have no beef with the slideshow format itself; it is quite appropriate for some projects, but the content has recently been predominantly junk. I regard it as littering up the site and polluting the "mission" of Instructables.

I'm just grumbling here, as I have no real suggestion for a solution, except that perhaps the standard for approval of postings needs to be higher.


I tend to agree with you. However...

There are no "standards for approval" or moderation of I'bles. There are filters for selected keywords which require human checks, but no filters for quality. SPAM postings are caught and removed after the fact.

You do have control over what you see. If you like to use the "recent" listings to see what people have just posted, you can limit yourself to just "real" Instructables by using the "step-by-step" tab. If you want to limit yourself to just what Staff and the Feature Team thinks is "the best", you can use the "Editor's Picks" option.

I do usually use the "recent" option. I'm also not objecting to all slideshows; some of them are good, so I usually also use the "all" option to avoid missing those.

I realize that there is no moderation, or standard for approval. I'm suggesting that perhaps there should be one. Perhaps there should be a "non-instructive" flag...

The "incomplete" flag, perhaps?

I've been using that one, too.

It takes time for Staff to process flags. Also, the current interface doesn't allow the flagger to provide any sort of reason or explanation. What Randofo has suggested is that if you feel strongly about something, after you flag it, send him a PM with the URL and a brief reason why you flagged. That's more likely to get his attention :-)