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Lancer Anyone? Answered

Do you like it? I'm not exactly sure why it looks a bit funny, so please give suggestions on how to make it better. First off I think the back end is a bit short. The chainsaw works, but there isn't an actual gun on this yet.


should i post

How about you delete all of your comments, then simply put them into ONE comment. No, don't post.

saw on gun


here it is


here is the lancer it shoots and has a clip

how do u post stuf i have a lancer made out of a mod of the jamalamas assult rifel

umm yeah the 2nd pic is the shorter version and the first is the longer right?

No... The second pic is the longer one. The second pic has everything behind the mag pushed back slightly.

OK I think you should put a note up on that so people will notice

Got it the day it came out... Got every achievement except 2, 2 weeks later.

One of those achievements is "Seriously...2.0", right?

Yeah the other is "Party like its 1999" I'll have it soon though.

I got it... You have to play 1999 rounds of multiplayer. I have around 7600 kills in total.

i made a lancer but i dont know how to post it is a add on to the jamalamas assult rifel it uses way less pieces

how did u get the pieces on the chain


on the very top change the white,yellow to just yellow itll look 10x better

post at will!


9 years ago

That looks like it would be great with a gun on it.

if you put a gun in it then post it looks like a wicked project.

um the clip area is a bit big the back hand guard is a bit boxy needs to be more pointy on the clip area instead of having it be yellow red make it just red and the top should be a bit shorter