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Landing jumps Answered

Does anyone have some useful tips on landing a jump on a dirtbike? How about landing onto a rough, washboard track, any different? I've become very good at landing... on my face...


Start small. Like Nacho said, land on the back wheel, with most of the weight there. Also, stand up, but DO NOT lock your knees. Stay away from both brakes and the throttle. You may or may not want to use the clutch (I don't). When you land, pretend you're just easing off of a basic wheelie, and things should fall into place quickly.

Okay, so I've been doing it right when I stand up, but I've continued to have my weight a little wrong. And I've been keeping in the gas, but not opening the throttle any more than it was already. Explains why I've been having the whole damn bike get squirelly and work right out from under me. Hitting front-tire first, then having the back tire hit under power.... what was I thinking? That's why I've always liked staying on the ground.... no nasty landings.

if you are keeping the gas held in place then the wheel will just keep accelerating until something stops it (i.e. the ground)

. In general, you want to land on the back wheel or with most of the weight back there. This will help you keep from flying over the handlebars and absorb a lot of the energy before the front hits. . Practice, practice, practice.