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Laptop cannot discover own WIFI Answered

Greetings to all, it been almost a week, only my laptop(ASUS A55V series) unable discover my own wifi. All of my housemates can connect to it, even my own phone and tablet can connect to it, just my laptop cannot. Can anyone help me? I have tried to restart the router for countless times and I have used local area network connection too. When I connect by local network area connection. It shows I actually connect to my previous SSID instead of my current SSID.  Besides that, It only connect to the internet when I changed the IPv4 address. I really dont know what happened to my laptop and router, someone please help me...Thanks in advanced


Thanks for all of the replies. I eventually solved it by calling TM( one of thr Malaysia Network services provider) and they required me to change my ssid and reset some of the settings and the last I can found my own wifi . :)

Are you sure your Wifi is enabled on the laptop ? Its possible you've accidentally turned it off.

Most likely the case.

look for a key on your laptop that looks like an antenna with Radio waves coming off it (It may have a light next to it) maybe try deleting the wifi info on your laptop and re entering it?

I too have a asus laptop and this troubled me for some time. Things that I found out we're that generally it was not the router but the wireless adapter in my laptop. When you reset your laptop your wireless adapter should reset as well. You can always reset it without turning off the computer by following this link. http://www.ehow.com/how_8143969_reset-wireless-ada... The process should be the same in both windows 7 & 8. Another problem I encountered had to do with hamachi, if you have this installed try to delete it and see if that resolves the problem. Make sure airplane mode is off and wifi is on. Let me know if the problem persist.