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Laptop can't connect to new wifi? Answered

So recently my family got a new modem and basically wifi. However with the new wifi came problems for my brother specifically with his laptop. While the rest of my family can connect to the modem perfectly he has troubles. At first he was able to connect fine but then after like 30-2hrs he disconnects from it and is unable to connect to it at all. I tried many solutions such as updating the driver which was Intel® Centrino® Wireless-N 1030 which didn't change anything at all. We restarted it but it failed. Right now the only way we can get it to have internet is connect directly through a cable which is a hassle. The laptop is Windows 7 64 bit.

If you have any possible solutions please tell but try to be instruct-able as possible cause I'm not savvy with tech terms.


Well an update on the situation is that it works much better now however it still has those dcs but less frequently and my brother "fixes" it by restarting the modem, turning it off then back on,
And this isn't the second time we got a new modem however he didn't have that laptop during the time we switched so we didn't have a situation like this however I use a laptop too and I didn't have any problems but I use a different Driver instead of Intel

(I suggest reading this first to get a basic understanding of how your network works before you troubleshoot it)

(This one is a step by step process to troubleshoot basic network issues)

Pay special attention to the DNS server steps on the second instructable... 4 times out of 5 except for virus problems, when I troubleshoot networks the problem tends to be with the DNS servers.  You should also run a virus scan using whatever anti-virus you use, plus malwarebytes.  :)


5 years ago

I just read an article mentioning that sometimes, especially with notebooks, connection problems can be fixed by getting a BIOS update. Apparently since the BIOS initiate the built in WIFI card, updating the BIOS will sometimes update the protocols for the WIFI. It's the equivalent of getting a firmware update for a plug in card. This is not the same as getting new drivers. Drivers can only work with the hardware the way it is. Updating the firmware sometimes add or turns on capabilities in the hardware. Its a simple check to see if you have the latest ones. It will be posted on your manufacturers web site. You can find what version your is running by booting into the BIOS and seeing what it says for a version.

after clearing all the old settings in the laptop ,log into the modem and do a dhcp "refresh". This will assign a new IP address on the network for every device that connects to it.

did your brothers wifi on his computer work before? sometimes an antenna may have came undone.

Be sure to clear all network settings on the laptop. It may still be trying to connect to the old network. Or there may be remnants of the old settings in there the laptop is trying to revert back too.