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Laptop lcd backlight not working Answered

I have an hp g70 laptop. one day I got on it and the screen couldn't be seen except if I pointed a flashlight at it. I thought the backlight had failed. I replaced the backlight but the problem still persists. any help would be much appreciated since this is my family laptop and I really don't want to spend $50 on a replacement screen assembly. thanks



4 years ago

I also think its the power supply to the Backlight, Is your Backlight LED or Fluorescent?

picks picks picks 90% of the problem can be seen in picks otherwise it could be a burnt out light bulb.

maybe there is (like on older CFL back light laptop)s a separate driver pcb that supplies the LEDs. This part might be blown. Just follow the cables that the LED is connected to.

Probably the powersupply to the backlight then. Open the screen up, and take a look for the backlight driver board. You might be able to replace just that.