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Laptop mod ideas...? Answered

Im new, so if this is the wrong place for this topic im sorry. :( Im just looking for ideas for my laptop mod project.. there are tons of PC tower mods out there because its super easy to tap into the power and there is enough room to move around in there, no so much with laptops.. Iv been stuck with painting it or painting it.. Any ideas out there for me?


Ok, so I went with an awesome green paintjob along the palm rest panel and along the sides of the lid under my carbon fiber cover. Next thing is in the middle of the cover there is a hole which allows the Dell emblem to show through. I'm trying to brainstorm what I could put in place of this circle.

Hey I'm trying to do some customizing on my laptop as well. I've got kind of a "green" theme going so I wanna get some lights glowing under my carbon fiber cover. How can I power these lights? Do I need to get myself some small batteries and fit them somewhere or can I power it off my motherboard somehow? I've got a great idea going I just can't figure out how to power it

Im no expert or anything.. but maybe you can use up a usb port.? or somthing.. iv seen laptop LED lights that u can plug into usb, so im sure you could mod ur case somehow to hide the fact that ur tapping into usb for power.. idk.

Wow a wood one with chess squares amazing.. i think ill do that! and Royalstel, i use it for everything, is not very old but it is a cheap $600 model.. its still got a few years in it i think so id like to use it as much as i can before i make it into a " Capri-sun cooler. :D.. that would be neat though.

And don't forget to make an instructable of it!

Um, Brainstorm . . . 1) make a completely transparent case, 2) Paint it like an ipod (not a mac book) 3) Paint it like a pac man (when you open and close it, it chomps) 4) Paint it like two giant playing cards. Then you could open and set it up like a shack and it would look like you were building a giant house of cards. 5) "pimp it" with blacklight LEDs along a recessed edge underneath and a spoiler. Acutally you could add headlights too and paint with car paint to make this look like a stretched out version of your favorite sports car. 6) Paint it to look like an old school "trapper keeper" 7) Add an epoxy texture to make a miniature landscape diorama on the top of your laptop. Get a tiny 60's batmobile to drive along the landscape when you're bored. 8) Make a hardwood case for the laptop that includes chess squares to play checkers or chess in the airport. aaaaand that's all I got right now.

. I like #5 with #8 a close second. I like #7, too, but I get enough weird looks already. heehee

If it's a really old laptop, gut it and use it to store paper and a pencil. Then in the airport, pop it open and start drawin'! Um, gut it and change up the cooling system to make a portable Capri-sun cooler. By the way, what do you use your laptop for?