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Laptop sees but won't connect to home wifi network, but can connect to other wifi networks? Answered

My Vaio laptop with XP won't connect to the home WiFi network, which it used to no problem, although it connects fine to other WiFi networks outside the home. Same problem with the iPhone 4s - these were the only two wireless devices home when the problem started. The main PC hooked up to the router still has internet access, and other household laptops and mobile devices can still use the WiFi. I have tried resetting the router to no avail, as well as disconnecting from the network and reconnecting.



Dumb question, but are you typing in the web key properly?

Not dumb. :) Also check to see if the wireless router is using an encryption that your XP system can do. I.e. router may be set to wpa2 and XP may not support it.

No not dumb at all! The router was it though; a family member was setting up a new wireless device and changed some of the settings apparently. Thank you very much for pointing me in the right direction!

Hi w1288771,

I'm having the same problem it sounds like: My laptop will not connect to my home WiFi network whereas other laptops will connect to it. Also, my laptop is able to connect to other WiFi signals (when I'm at school, etc.) Would you mind telling me what you did to correct your problem?

Many Thanks