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Laptop without HDD Answered

I was wondering if it would be easy enough to setup an old, powerful enough laptop to run Linux withoud HDD from SD card or other means without HDD? I have my old HP NC4000 gathering dust in the storage. It has no HDD and I need to fix the display which has 1/3 from top of LCD gray. If I manage to fix the LCD then it is worth resurrecting.



I've booted Fedora 9 Sulphur from a 4GB iPod Mini microdrive, via card reader plugged into a USB port. I'd recommend going with a CF (compact flash) card with at least 4GB, though you can get up to 32GB, I think. If it doesn't have a HDD, does it have a USB 2.0 port? I wouldn't think so, but let me know. Also, you could do what NachoMahma said and boot from a thumb drive, where I'd also recommend at least 4GB, depending on what you plan on doing with your PC?

You could try knoppix, which boots from a cd