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Large Boston-Area Cooperative Fabrication Facility Seeks Members Answered

A friend writes:

Need to do some machining? How about electronic assembly? Want to join a community of other people who are doing the same sorts of things?

A new collaborative fabrication facility is starting up in Somerville, and it's seeking additional members. This will be a nonprofit enterprise, supporting the rental of space and buying additional high-end tools via memberships. A membership gets you access to three different spaces:

o A 2500-square-foot wood- and metalworking shop in Union Square, with industrial-sized table saws, lathes, mills, drill presses, grinders, sanders, MiG and TiG welders, and so forth.
o A smaller fab shop in Davis Sq with smaller and/or lighter-duty versions of some of the same tools, for smaller projects.
o An adjacent space for hacking electronics, soldering, hanging out, using computers, etc. This space is likely to have a darkroom as well.

The current plan is to have the two smaller spaces available 24x7, and the larger space available all day and evening but probably not overnight.

This venture is just coming up; the spaces will be available for use around Oct 1, and tours can be arranged beforehand. We've had several introductory meetings to tell people about the space & will likely have another one soon if there's additional interest.

We're already mostly at the number of members required to break even; additional memberships will help pay for higher-end stuff like lasercutters and so forth. If this turns out to be so popular that the shops are likely to be too crowded, there will be a waiting list for those who sign up too late.

Membership prices currently range from $100/month to $1000/year, with various amounts of storage on-site if desired. Membership prices for those who join after the introductory period will likely be higher, to help support buying more expensive toys.

Some early pictures of the larger space are below (taken during a tour a month or so ago); not every tool that might appear in the pictures will be there when it opens, and there will be significant improvements in the space sometime soon, but it should give you an idea. The other two spaces don't have photos available yet (in fact, we're currently doing demolition & remodelling in one this week).


More info:


To sign up, go to:




10 years ago

Something like this would be great to have where I live. There are two universities and one college in the area; I'm sure it would be popular with students working on their projects. I don't know of any students that could afford $100 a month for this, though.


10 years ago

Boston - Close, but not close enough.. :(


10 years ago

i'll tell my sister about this, she lives in boston


10 years ago

There is a general information session for anyone interested this Sunday the 21st from 12:30-2:00pm. The space is located at:

195G Elm St.
Somerville, MA
(Down the alley between Subway and Joey's Thai Cafe)

We will be giving a tour of what is currently in the Davis Square spaces, as well as speaking about what is in the fabrication space. The two spaces shown this Sunday will be the 24/7 spaces.