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Large Crystal Bowl Broken --- Any Ideas? Answered

A large Romanian crystal bowl that has a lot of sentimental value for me was just accidentally broken. Any crafty ideas on how to reuse/repurpose/recycle this piece of my personal history?


if you want...probably not 100% required depending on the look. but if you do, an emory board or a dremmel should work

You could break it up I to more pieces and make a wind chime out of it. Bet it would sound pretty and would remind you of the history of the bowl every time you heard it. Go to an instructable on wind chimes for different ideas. Be careful not to. Cut yourself though.

As drapeta mentioned you could tumble it to smooth the edges and republish the crystal. Once its polished you could make a nice piece of jewelry out of it. There are a bunch of wire wrapping instructables that might give you a few ideas. You said it had sentimental value, now you can keep a piece with you every where you go.

Thanks so much for the idea of smoothing the edges in a tumber and repurposing the crystal. I think my cousin will be able to assist with this project, and I'll be happy to still have the crystal.

If you were going to repurpose the glass, you could tumble it (in a vibratory, or rotary tumbler) and then use that in something else (like the chandelier, or perhaps if you polished them to a high shine you could just put the pieces in a jar and use it as a center piece for decoration)

You won't be able to repair invisibly - The pro would use a UV setting glue or if an antique would rivet the parts together using copper wire so you could see the repair thus preserving the history.

Tiny bits will be really hard to glue UV glue can be bought in hardware stores for gluing glass.

Broken glassware tabletop?

Take the [pieces to a real hardware store and ask them.
There are tons of adhesives abnd a good hardware guy has tons of stories.
Superglue comes to mind. This will; take some time.

Thanks for the suggestion, but there is a major crack, plus many small pieces missing. The rim sort of shattered above the crack. I think the rim was the point of impact which cracked the side of the bowl. I found many tiny shards the size of a mustard seed that fell from the rim into the bowl. I don't think it can be repaired to look perfect. I sort of like Crapflinger's idea of re-purposing the crystal.

chandelier? break it more, hang the pieces around some lights, boom, fancy lights!

Thanks for the idea. I suppose I would have to smooth the edges some way?