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Large Scale Mould Making - the Evolution Answered

I'm so excited, I now have + hours of video to cut and share :)

Today we:

Finished the split stand
Set the finished plug in the stand and aligned our waterline
Bondo'd stand and plug for a flange line
Applied mold release wax
Sprayed PVA (Poly Vinyl alcohol)
Applied a polyester tooling resin with cabosil (A silica thickener) to serve as the inner mold face (outer shape/surface of final product)
Applied 4 layers of chopped fiber with polyester resin (took about an hour and we're still a tad bit high - even with good ventilation)

Mind you the resin is catalyzed with MEK-P (Methyl Ethyl Keytone Peroxide -- some call it rocket fuel. It will eat the flesh off the bone and then eat the bone.

Why am I so excited? Because we finished today and the catalyzed resin was COOK-ING. "Too hot to touch" is about 180 for the average meat human. It's well above too hot to touch - in fact, the radiant heat is a bit much for most meat peoples. And that's with the prescribed 1% catalyst.

More information coming soon :) It's going to take 8 hours to capture all that video :P

Photo: Adding more PVA to the pot in the middle of the second coat.


What's this? Large Plastic Bag? Breather Liner? Release Film? Gigantic vacuum pump? 6 Hour Prep - 4 Hour Layup.... oh yeah :D Vac Bagging is more involved than I thought o.0 Video coming soon :)


Another update.... I've imported 6 out of 8 hours of video -- and took about 4 more hours today to layup the other side. Yesterday's layup was so hot that it caused some micro fractures inside the glass - we're okay though. AND, it released from the MDF stand without much fuss (we haven't released it from the plug - that's in a few days). The tool is 90% done (needs to be sanded down once cured). Vacuum Bagging Next Weekend! Hopefully I can get clearance to bring my camera inside the compound :) Here's another picture, more video coming soon.