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Large plastic tube with spirals round it, like a massive toilet roll? Answered

Hi,I need some very large pipe, between 45 cm and say 90 cm. I just need about 150 cm length- again, fairly flexible here.  either thin metal or even better probably, fairly thin plastic (say 2-4mm walls if in plastic.) NOT CORROGATED. And, ideally (pretty vital really but looking a bit bleak to find this) made in the same way as a loo roll: with one or two pieces of material that twist around each other so that the pipe has curving spiral joint along its length. Any ideas much appreciated, I don't know where to begin really. What industry should I phone up and annoy with enquiries? I 'll try builders surplus yards I guess, and I thought people who dig up roads and replace water pipes might have stuff.. Or direct from manufacturers, although so far everything I look at is just straight tube, not made in the spiralled way I'm after. CLUES PLEASE !!! Thanks, Georgie



If you don't mind cardboard instead of plastic, look for concrete post forms or concrete footing forms.

If you can tell us what for we can offer a better idea - also where in the world are you.

Most/all plastic tube will be extruded as a solid tube in varying diameters and thickness and material.DIY shops can supply up to 25 mm dia in the UK.

Agricultural suppliers often have a bigger range.

your using mm so I guess your in UK

cardboard tube from a carpet.

What your describing is often used for ducting (heating eng) for such a short length you may get an off cut for free.

Sewer pipe is about that diameter - you can get it in plastic.

Find a stainless steel kitchen wast bin they are that sort of diameter and length

Not much will be spiralled as you desire!.




cardboard tube from a carpet.