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Laser Cutting Digitally Printed Images? Answered

Is it possible to laser cut full color, digitally printed images from fabric? For example, a full color image of a butterfly? Say, if I printed a series of butterflies onto white fabric and then want to have each butterfly laser cut individually from the fabric, is that possible? Can the laser be set up to cut on the outline of the butterfly and leave the colors in tact? Or is my only option to do digital printing after laser cutting the basic shape? Finally, is there anyone willing to help with a prototype that would use the described technique?


You'll find fabric cuts MUCH better by water jet.


Steve, would the water jet seal the fabric edges to prevent fraying as a laser cutter would?

Not really, but there'd be no charring of the thread either.


You can program a laser to cut out any shape you can draw in the software.  Whether or not cutting fabric would work or not you'd have to talk directly to the person who runs the machine.  Fabric is not stable like the usual materials cut by a laser.