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Laser Engraver Circuit Help Answered

Hello. I am making my own laser engraver out of 2 DVD burners just like Groovers version.
I have some questions about the circuit that im going to use:
I have seen the typical LM317 circuit for laser diodes (LINK HERE)
I dont completely understand the circuit Groover made. He says that he uses the LM317 circuit over, but it does not look exactly the same.
Can someone explain to me a bit why his values on the resistors/capacitors etc. is so damn different? (Though he also use relays and stuff for outputs for fans ) (LINK TO GROOVERS CIRCUIT)

I made my own circuit that uses the typical LM317 circuit over, but will my circuit work fine? (Instead of the battery in the circuit, I will connect the Voltage In-ping on the LM317 to my arduino, but not exactly sure where to connect it on the arduino since i need about 7.5 V in, and not sure if the arduino got a pin that can output that much?) (LINK TO MY CIRCUIT)

Thank you for your reply!


Your laser will turn on but,

won't turn off when it has to be.

Add a relay after the transister collector pin


3 years ago

I have tried, but no answer yet.

First, have you thought of asking this question directly to Groover?

Yes, I have but neither him or anyone else has replied to my comment/question and I asked it for a long time ago. So therefore I tried here

So do you have any help to offer? Or anyone else?