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Laser jacket Answered

This laser jacket by Wie-Chieh Shih reminds me of the jacket that Bono wore last year. With 200 diodes in it it is super shiny and dangerous for any eyeballs that come near it.

200 ld stage suit via Make


also MY EYES!


you lucky son of a gun, ive been trying to get about 30 laser diodes for the last year, so far i have none. im trying to build a prototype of a weapon i deem the lasgun (those of you who play 40k already know wha this is) i need around 15-30 laser diodes and a couple convex lenses free of any but the tiniest defects and one with virtualy none and a lense to focuse that point into a beam, my design is alot different from any the military is using and is more effiecent but the fully weaponized version will probly need carbon nano-tube baterries which are around 15 years away with current funding (which isnt a whole lot as far as im aware) if any one has any spare or knows where to get them for dirt cheap let me know. also for testing how should i measrure heat out put, with a thermometer or infrared thermometer if i can get one.

Go to the dollar store and buy laser levels. $2 for 2 laser diodes.

 If your in the UK a site called odicforce (just search it, it's the one with lots of numbers in the url) is pretty good, I have bought from them and you can get blu-ray diodes for £9 I think.
I've also heard a company called O-like is good for international stuff.

(I have bought a blu-ray laser kit from odicforce which burns stuff if you focus it)

You'd have to carry around your own smoke generator for people to get the full effect...

Nah, just wear a smoking jacket!

One can only wear so much win in a single day.

Dang, this is awesome. Now just put some pockets for low output, very low heat, long lasting smoke bombs so people can get full effect and have a party!!!

that is the sickest jacket i have ever f****** seen i want one now


8 years ago

Me wants...