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Laser Sonic Screwdriver - Thoughts? Answered

So, my sister is currently a senior in college, planning on being a high school English teacher next year. She's also a Doctor Who fan.

She wants me to make her a laser pointer in a sonic screwdriver case, for pointing at the projector screen, white/chalkboard, loud students, Daleks, etc. The case itself I plan to buy, probably this, and then mount a blue laser diode in.

Two three questions:
1) Does anyone have one of these screwdrivers, and are they big enough to put a couple AAAs in? I'd rather not have to replace button cells every week.
2) What's the best way to get a blue or violet laser diode? Blu-Ray assembly? You can get a blue-violet laser pointer for $20 off DealExtreme, but my experience with cheap laser pointers is they burn out quickly.
3) Would I need to come up with an actual driver, or would an appropriate resistor be enough? And can a blue diode be powered off two AAAs?


1. A single AAA will fit comfortably in this model, but two probably won't. The new version for the 11th Doctor is larger, though.

2. Don't use blue. I know it would be authentic, but this is going to be used around children, who may also pick it up and be silly with it. Use red, it's safer.

3. Don't know, sorry.

1) Oh, dear, I don't think she's sold on Matt Smith yet, though. And doesn't his move? Wide enough to cram a 3V camera battery in there?

2) Is a low-powered blue laser really more dangerous than a red laser? I did not know this, thank you.

3) Well, figure it out for me then! :P

Yes, it moves, and I think the toys include the movement in the switching.

(Example on US ebay)

As for colour, it's not just the power that does the damage, it's the colour - if small children are going to shine this in their friend's eyes when they are playing "Daleks attack the classroom", then a red laser will do less damage than a blue.

If the class is older and more sensible, then a blue might be worth the extra credibility.

I've just had a quick google, and it seems that 445nm blue diodes run at between 3.8-4.5V, so two AAA won't be up to it.  That could be why they use a pile of watch cells.  Oh, and I would just a resistor.

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Think Geek has a few models also


7 years ago

I assume you've seen the Wii Mote 11th Doctor controller... Amazon UK has it.

that might actually be neater.

with all of the buttons in there, you could make it a laser pointer and a wireless presenter. basically just gut the thing, mount the laser and the guts of a wireless presenter. then she can point at stuff and drive her power point presentations