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Laser conversion from pointer to burn Answered

I could have sworn I saw an instructable on converting a regular laser pointer (low wattage type) into one that would burn (if only a little), i.e. increase it's power output, but now I am finding it impossible to locate. Has it been removed? Are there not proper tags to help me weed out the other half million laser projects? Have I lost my memory and there never was such a project? inquiring minds want to know...


Maybe survival instinct blocked it out, like the way I keep forgetting where I put the blowtorch after a few beers...

Well, I couldn't find it here with the search tool, so maybe it WAS somewhere else as dontgoogle wrote

I can just imagine: "Hey has anyone seen the blowtorch? I just really feel like burning something." That was awesome.

I don't know... Sometimes it seems very important I find it... So far it's been like cooking while drinking, stick a kebab menu to the fridge and one on the oven, saves me a lot of destruction...

it should be one of the videos on the "shooting eggs" channel on metacafe. turns normal $15 dollar laser into one that can light a match


8 years ago

I haven't seen it but I think it would make a great I'ble Goodhart

Ah it would if it
#1: worked,
#2: didn't significantly lessen the life of the laser diode which I fear it might :-)

Aw come on Goodhart - it's a guy thing (like not asking for directions) - you will figure it out.

Um, maybe not (I ask for directions when I don't know where I am at ;-)

*chuckle* I am weird that way.....and I pick up the underwear my wife drops on the floor throughout the house, an the wadded up papers that miss the trash can when she tossed them here and there, do the wash, etc. & etc. ;-)

Sadly, at the moment, I do all that without pay. I guess I would be, except I don't have any spare time to do it for anyone else ;-)

Well hooey! If you ever need any household hints let me know, I hope your wife realizes what a treasure you are!

She complains that I don't do enough, i.e. I don't do it all. Now, if she worked outside the house, I would do more. I just wish she could learn to deal with her anxiety attacks, as I have.

Sometimes folks need to be pointed in the right direction Goodhart, maybe the next time you are doing something invite her to come help you with it, let her know you NEED her help and how much you appreciate it. I have a friend who had anxiety attacks and she would get almost child like and almost had to hold her hand to get her through a task but eventually her self esteem raised to the point that she got to where she started looking for ways to help and came out of it pretty good.

There seem to be plenty of YouTube videos on this topic so maybe it was there you were thinking of?

I could have sworn it was an ible; but like I also posted, my memories are a bit muddled at times.... ;-)


8 years ago

I know it is possible with green lasers due to the circuitry they use, but I do not know about red ones... Most red ones are pretty simple so I do not know if it is possible. Maybe if you change the driver it might be possible.

Seems to me that it would probably shorten the life of the laser diode tremendously.....ah well, maybe I saw it at another site? *shrug*

Kipkay did one where he showed how to turn a flashlight into a laser. It was pretty powerful. However, I think that is not the one you had in mind, but it has a possibility.

No it wasn't but thanks for the attempt.

no, it was just a little singe less then one watt laser

I think the one you are talking about is the wood burning one that used fiber optics inside of a mechanical pencil btw, be safe! There's already a dispute in kipkey's recent bic laser

I don't know. My memory if fuzzy it seems *sigh*.
I thought it mentioned altering the circuitry of a regular pen laser so it would have a bit more power in the output. But I could be mistaken...

The wood burning one, isn't it (I just looked again to make sure).

BTW, which particular dispute are you speaking of :-) There appears to be several...

I saw this, but I thought there was one using a regular pointer laser