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Laser cutter Answered

what is the best laser colour to cut balsa,lite ply,and bass wood for a CNC



5 months ago

Bonjour Terry,

pour ma par j'utilise MACH.

Ensuite sur Solidworks , j'utilise Camworks

ce dernier est un excellent complément de MACH 3

J'espère avoir pu t'aider. Cordialement J-MICHEL.

thank you very much,i'm not French but i can see Mach 3

what is the easiest program to use for a cnc machine.i'm not a computer person

what's the easiest way to break open a cd,or printer to get the diodes for a laser

Infra red. A CO2 laser is the most cost effective

No reason why not, all the parts you need are freely available, laser, power supply, mirrors, lens.

can the CO2 ones b made at home

are arguably the top USA laser cutter provider. However that comes at a price.
My experience with their product is that it is excellent.

If you have the skill to set up and maintain there are may cheaper solutions available from China on Ebay. BUT your going to have to do some work on it.
A mini router using a dremel is a much cheaper option.

lots of projects here

i am going to get the spindle from Inventables.i have a dremel and it's way to loud.

Other options are available, I might suggest a little oil may make things less noisy.

AND where in the world do you live?