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Laser cutting projects? Answered

Woah!! I just found a laser cutting workshop near my home!
Give me some links of projects which "You Like The Most"!

Is there any portal for laser cutting ideas, projects and ready plans and tutorials?

*** UPDATE: I have made some 3D models in 'Autodesk 123D'. But I how can I convert the surfaces to 2D, so that I can use them in laser cutter. I am unable to figure it out.
Please Help!

*** UPDATE: 123D has now a very cool feature for all Laser-Philic folks! Now we can add 2D sheets in 123D for laser cutting.
btw, I am now well aquainted with Google Sketchup and using it for all of my laser cutting work. To learn how to use Google Sketchup for laser cutting, see this cool Instructable from user 'flightsofideas': https://www.instructables.com/id/SketchUp-Inkscape-and-Ponoko-Laser-Cutting/


In general you will need: A 2D CAD system to produce the necessary drawing files. Often in DXF format.

You can look at here and try out a web based 3D modeling system that will produce STL files that slice the object - cut on a laser cutter the slices can be reassembled into the original.

Beyond that you need imagination - A desire and aim. Those only you can supply.

If you simply DL files so you can get them cut you may as well buy something. In addition it is likely you won't get what you want.

The drawing below just took me 10 mins to do and represents an acrylic laser cut LED table lamp. Cut out heat and bend a bit and instant lamp.

the hard bit is realising there is a need.

Stay tuned for the next release of 123D which will have 2D laser cutting features. Check out 123Dnews.com next week for a sneak preview.

Yeah! That'd be great! I am waiting for the 2D feature. 123D is a nice package with surprisingly sophisticated n easy-to-use interface.

Forgot to say, Google SketchUp is still better than 123D.

Not a CAD system I am current with BUT all the 3D systems I have used have an option where you can output in 2 D.

I am new to 3D though.
Cn you give me step-by-step instructions (or rather can you add an instructable), to explain the procedure for any of the 3D system you have used?

OK It appears that autodesk123D doesn't - at present - support a 2D version of the file - I got that information by searching for Autodesk123D help and found this. help pages.

HOWEVER all is not at present totally lost.

IF your looking to cut all you need are the dimensions of each face you want to cut, these you should be able to get from your 3D model - you can then draw that face in 2D there are plenty of free 2D packages out there.


supports the derivation of the 2D face from the 3D model.

I had been through the portal. But it annoyed me as most of the projects there reqire 3D printing of a number of parts. Unfortunately I don't have any 3D printing service near me. Ponoko is way expensive, as the shipping rates are way higher than the actual cost of production.

There are laser-only projects as well, though.

You could also try searching this site for laser-cut projects as well.

You were right Kiteman... I am sorry for saying before thoroughly studying the portal. When I clicked on the laser cut symbol on the page of a thing, all the laser cut projects came up!
Thansk for that!

Not a problem - have fun with the cutter.

I have also drawn and cut & assembled a scale Spitfire and an Albatross WW1 fighter from balsa wood.

Made acrylic compressed air engines

Ball mazes using laser cut brackets to hold the track

Innumerable key ring fobs with names and pictures engraved on them it was a treat given to deserving pupils.

Etc etc Imagination