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Laser focusing and colimiter Answered

i want my high powered laser (that i am going to make ) to be super powerful and if i understand this theory right than i should be able to keep it in a focused beam correct?
first the high power laser is activated shooting out the beam- then a concave lens is placed in front of the beam- at the most focused point you put a flat lens not at all concave then the laser will be shot at its most focused capacity
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==========\ ====--- -- -- --- l
/ l beam continues at focused rate

Correct or in correct if incorrect is there any way to do this?


A "flat lens" may only serve to create distortion. But it will no longer be "lased" if you focus in on a point. The point (no pun intended) of the laser beam is it's concentration in a (paralleled wave) straight line (which makes is ideal for long distance communications).

wait if at the point of infinity instead of a flat lens there were a transparent two way window then imidiately following say 1/4 a cm away another one there fore remaking the beam if both mirrors are equal standing(not one diagnol and one strait) or would it only go from a beam to a wave of light instantly due to it not being at the point of infinity but a little off there fore it would continuly bounce on the mirrors making the beam or light wave exponantioly larger as it bounced at the speed of light? which is correct or if either of theese are correct?

I just meant that any time light passes through any medium, glass, water, etc. the beam is degraded somewhat (diffused a bit). Light acts in some ways as a particle and in some ways as to wave giving it both properties (short intro to Quantum physics) :-) .

It would all have to do with lens "focal points" (the optical center of a lens when it is focused on infinity.)

so then when it is at its focal point and you put the flat lens the beam will then be shot strait in a more intense focused beam?

not without further refraction (and thus a lowering of power according to the laws of physics)