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Last Day at Instructables Answered

It's my last day here at the Instructables office. It's been a wonderful summer, and I'm glad to have worked with everyone here: at the office, and the people I've interacted with on the site.

Curious about my impact this summer, I did a bit of statistical analysis on the last three months, and I wanted to share it with you. It's not completely precise, but it gives a good ballpark.

Ironically, though I have done laser cutting, 3D printing on both the UP printer and the Objet, CNC embroidery, and even CNC papercutting, I never bothered to install the office printer. So I had to show my graphs from a laptop screen.

Here are my stats, as of August 17th:
I published 69 Instructables total this summer in about 89 days, (65 official work days). (I have a lifetime total of 88 from somepreviousInstructables.)
Here's a graph of the Instructables building up over time. (Blue is data; the thin black line is a fitted trend.)

It's pretty linear (with a slight dip at the end of July, when I went camping and couldn't post). The averaged rate is about 75% of an Instructable every day this summer, or just over one per day if you only count work days.

63% of my summer’s Instructables were featured. I had a quick learning curve; after the end of May, 75% were featured.

It was a little more difficult to extract further data, so the remainder of my statistics refer only to Instructables I published while working here this summer which received over 1,000 total pageviews.

Overall, these Instructables generated 294,224 pageviews (almost three hundred thousand!), 89% of which were from unique viewers.
People spent a total of 14 hours, 11 minutes, and 28 seconds viewing these Instructables.

To the left, you can see my summer pageviews accumulate, and to the right, the day-by-day graph of my pageviews.

The peaks on the right graph represent, in order, my Infinity Dress, the Clockwork Beetle, and the Plaster Face Cast. (Since I made these charts last Friday, it doesn't take into account my Temari, which whould have created a spike as big as that of the Infinity Dress over the weekend.)

Although those are my top-viewed Instructables from the summer, my favorites are actually these ones:

and working on Psycho Scooter Scramble, of course)

I'm glad to have such a measurable effect on the site and the Instructables community. The people of the site and in the office have made a strong impact on me as well. This is the first place where I feel a true sense of community among a group of people I know exclusively through the internet, and I want to thank all of you who I've never met in person for being my friends.

In the office, I'll thank you personally. It's been a great summer, thanks to you.

I'll still be around the site from time to time, but I can't devote every day to it. I'm finishing up my Neuroengineering degree at Olin and working on a few other things besides. But I'll be around, and I hope to talk to all of you from time to time.

See you around, and happy making!


Awesome. Interestingly, the stats that analytics (I assume you used analytics to get the stats?) gave you are hugely different to those displayed in your profile and the individual instructables. ie above you quote 294,224 total views, but your profile shows 169,000. The spike for the infinity dress shows 55,000, yet the Instructable shows only 22,000. I'd be interested to know which is correct and how both are calculated, because those are some large differences!

I believe Google Analytics provided the data, and Dworley provided the sarcasm regarding said data.

Did Mr Worley raise both hands and twitch his first and second fingers to look like quotes when he said "data" ? If I remember rightly, analytics is strong on large data sets but when you drill down into the minutiae of a site it starts approximating? I can't find where in the analytics help pages I read that though.

It was the "accuracy" he was commenting on...

Of analytics or the method Instructables uses?

It must be the metric conversion, just like the total number of how many ibles exist.

Vaya con Dios, Girl on fire.  It's been a truepleasure following your work!

I'm sorry I missed your last day! You have been fantastic to work with. :D You come up with the craziest things and I love watching them come together. I hope you'll come back and see us.

Good luck with school, lady! (Not that you need it, we all know you'll DESTROY IT!)

Awww, we hardly knew ya. Please note that autodeskibles will be incorporating your metrics as the standard for all employees, interns and artists in residence and will be basing the year end bonus on accomplishing such goals.

Congratulations for that amazing experience, Selkey!



6 years ago

As your immediate point of contact here at Instructables and someone who worked closely with you on a number of occasions, please hear me when I say that it was a pleasure to have you join us for the summer and I hope that we have the opportunity to work together again in the future. I am sure that your dedication, work ethic and contagiously positive attitude will get you far in this world. Don't just follow your dreams, set a collision course to your goals and fire the rockets at full blast. If there is ever anything that I or Instructables can do to help you on your journey, please don't hesitate to ask.


6 years ago

Kelsey, I think I speak for everyone when I say it was a pleasure getting to know you around the office. Your daily creativity was unbridled and you were always working on something awesome. Good luck with everything at Olin and shoot me a message next time you're in town!


It has been an honour and a privilege to share office space with you.

Now, please stop showing me up, and go and have a rest or something!

Sounds like a wonderful opportunity that was well used!