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Last minute entry to Jack Daniels contest Answered

I entered my video last night an hour or two before the deadline, but no moderator has addressed it for approval.  Voting however has already started.  I read the rules closely, and I'm fairly certain I met the criteria.  I got an email telling me to wait a day or two for approval, but by then, the voting will be over.  Should I expect my video to be considered?  If not, what rule did I violate?

Very truly yours,
Ernie McElhannon


Whew, I'm relieved. Thanks to everyone for your replies, and thanks to all those sponsoring this awesome contest. Is there any chance we'll be notified if we're one of the twenty passed on to JD? Getting that close would charge up my whole family for at least a few days. We had great fun making our vid. My 13 year old has finally got the tinkering / instructables bug. I was beginning to wonder if this day would ever come.... Hour for hour, ther's not a class in school that can teach more useful information.
Much obliged,

Unlike most contests, this one has a 2-step approval process. We did the first approval of the entry and then passed it on to Jack Daniel's for their approval. Once they do that it will show up on the contest page.

If you did not receive a message saying your entry was denied then it is in the queue for JD to look at.

This does not affect your chances at winning since there is no voting for this contest. JD is selecting the winners as well.

Don't worry, entries are accepted based on their publishing date, not the date they're accepted. This particular contest is judged externally too, so there's no need to worry about votes.

Oh, actually I was told there wasn't voting on this contest but it seems there is, sorry for the confusion there.

There is no voting on this contest.

The whole thing is being judged off-site.

Any valid entries received before the deadline will be considered (winners won't be announced for a week or two yet).

Yep Kiteman. They confused things with a cast your vote bug...