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Last year's Egg Bot Challenge- My entry has disappeared. Answered

My very first Ible was Orange Spiced Tea Eggs .  I am 100% sure it was entered in The 2011 Egg Bot Challenge.

I was toodling down Memory Lane today, looking at all of the great ideas and projects from that challenge... and my entry is gone.  lol... now I just want to know where it went!? ! ;-)

I'm getting used to disappearing comments, and the repeat comments that mysteriously appear where I typed something else (and make NO sense), causing people to think I must be smoking crack...

... but vanishing entries? I do not use drugs.  Even if I did, my entry would still be missing. 8-/  It's no big deal, obviously, but more of an unsolved mystery-thingie.

Is this another system bug?


It may have been abducked by eggtraterrestials. Stranger things have happened around here.


The programmers have dropped a few things as of late, hopefully they will find it.

ewwww, I heard one got discovered under an old PB&J sandwiche once.....

lol... you two crack/quack me up. ;-D

No official reply yet, they must have pigeonholed it.

sorry, we have to lay on till the last one is a rotten egg.

They better hatch up an explanation or they will have to peck their way out of this one.

I don't want to hear another PEEP about this LOL

Did caitlinsdad fly the coop? I'm still waiting to see who will rule the roost.

I am not down for the count yet. My feathers don't ruffle that easy.

No, but I believe their chicks might bounce. Can't bank on it.

FYI: I don't tweet....never liked twitter ;-)

hmmm... but you do peep... which, coming from a male Turkey... would make you a.................................


I suppose they use rubber chicken buggy bumpers, too.

Yeah, not so good for "bumping" into things though.

I may be a few short of a dozen but I didn't want to come across as scrambled.

Just be careful not to just "wing it" or you'll become a chicken pancake.

only if you want to become a "chicken in a biscuit".

A toof or a hoof, either way, I'm getting the shell out of this one....

I shell join you... but where shell weggo?

Quit waffling! I asked where weggo... no need for ruffled feathers.

Sheeesh, It's like walking on eggshells around here...

yep... too many eggomaniacs with fowl tempers.

omelet this one go, no need to whip more hot air into the souffle.

Ha ha, I got that yolk. But I am afraid I willl have to yellow flag it. Unless you are making green eggs and ham?