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Latching relay driver from HT12D Answered

I currently have a remote control circuit and its based on HT12E and HT12D but the problem is that I only have a momentary output from it. I want the circuit to latch but also I do not want to use a latching switch in the transmitter. I already tested some of the latching transistor switch that I found online but I can't make it work using the output signal from the HT12D receiver. Thank you and have a nice day.



1 year ago

Use the VT signal and the desired momentary output to toggle a JK flip flop on the receiver output board


Answer 1 year ago

Probably, but you'll still need that AND gate. It will be smaller and neater to use a couple of 4000 series CMOS gates - a 4027 Dual JK flip flop and a 4081 quad 2 input AND gate