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Latest Kickstarter Answered

Hey Everyone,

It’s been a year since I last launched a project on Kickstarter. Now that the dust has settled from the all the excitement (and learning curve), my brother and I are jumping back into the arena. I took all the documentation from “Doughnut Safe” and put it into a new campaign. Other ideas are in the works so keep your eyes peeled. But in the meantime please let me know what you think. Good, bad, and ugly. And if you're feeling it, share the link. 


If you have a project you’re considering doing yourself, I’m happy to give any advice I can. The beauty of it all is if people want it, it’ll show and you can use the funds from there. If there’s not enough interest in it then all that’s lost is a little pride. Much better than spending thousands on a patent or production with no traction.



Kickstarter seems to make it pretty hard for Canadians. It's a shame really.

I had a suspicion this project might make it into a kickstarter. Best of luck!