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Latest contender for "World's Smallest Car" built from kiddy ride. Answered

The official "world's smallest car" is only 52.8 inches long, but a UK Maker has built one only 51 inches long.

Even better, the new car started life as one of those ride-on toys you see beside the tills in supermarkets - Postman Pat, if you're interested.

He built a quad-bike style chassis to carry the body-shell, gave it a new paint-job, and away he went!

Newsround slideshow
"Grown up" BBC news clip
Tabloid take on the story


Happen to know the style/horsepower of the engine? along with top speed?

Sorry - try following the links I gave.

I need a car like that. I think I'd fit quite nicely in it. :D

Nope, I just have the ability to cram myself into small spaces!


9 years ago

Hahahahahaha, one of my friends always tries to fit into one of these when ever we're at the mall. It always seems like the difficult part is getting out.

Och wee! Iz tiny sah!!

This is so Funny Looking,And How cramped,I don't think that would be a good family car :P

Are you SURE this is the smallest? BC ferries have some pretty cool propane cars...


9 years ago

The question is, can it run in the BBC offices (HQ?) and can John Humphreys drive it? :)
While very dinky I'd hate to share the road in this with massive 4x4s

LOL! I remember that episode.

I would totaly buy that thing

I'd drive it. Even in the US, I don't want something huge. Yes, I know I'd have to share the road with the 4x4's, but the thought is, "How far can one go on a gallon of gas?"

Awesome but why the stupid paint job ??!!? Looked much better as postman pat. Anyhow WOOT UK MAKERS !!

This is awesome.