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Latex paint Answered

Is Latex paint in the USA the same as acrylic paint here in the UK or is it what the UK call emulation paint for painting walls?


Latex-based paint is sometimes calledAcrylic. "The term "latex" in the context of paint simply means an aqueous dispersion. Latex rubber (the sap of the rubber tree that has historically been called latex) is not an ingredient."

Not sure what you mean by 'emulation  paint', that just means paint that will replicate the results. In painting there is such thing as 'emulsion paint', which is defined as: "Paint in which particles are suspended in water or oil with the aid of an emulsifier such as latex paint."

latex / acrylic = water-based
alkyd / resin = oil-based

In the UK Emulsion paint is a water based wall pain for indoor use. In multi colours and either matt or slightly shiny (egg shell) finish. It's very common.

Thanks for the info above though.