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Launch It Prize? Answered

Hey guys,

What should we give away as a prize for a Launch It! contest? Toss out some ideas- we particularly like to give away tools. I may use or ignore your suggestions upon whim. ;D

This is a sort of a medium-sized short challenge; details very soon.

ETA: Launch It! Contest Info


Coffee. You should give away freshly roasted coffee. I know of someone who could sponsor a contest or sell it to you at cost.... Just PM me. That would be the best prize. :-P

50mw?!?!? that sucks try a 250mw, although the color doesn't really matter

I think the prize should be a 50mw green laser, THOSE THINGS ARE AWESOME!!!

would a bow be suited for this challenge (i havent entered one before on instructables)

Yes, it certainly would!
Entry info is here; just make sure to put up a short demo video showing off your finished product!

exellent il start tomorrow,thx canida

Launch what? Some advance hints about the contest would help us ... prepare.

Maybe the prize should be relevant - if you're launching a boat, make it a Victorinox Skipper or Helmsman. If it's launching aircraft, they do one with a bilt-in Altimeter

Tools... I already have a Leatherman, how about a toolbelt? Sew on an Instructables patch somewhere prominent (one of my patches is on the overall jacket I wear in the shed).

Or maybe one of Make's kits?


Either a floating thing or a flying thing....

It's either a boat, a plane or a rocket.

Rats - I've already done my most original 'plane, and my rocket. I'll have to come up with a boat, then...

Unless it's a cannon?

Oh, come on Canida, let us knoooowwwww!

It's not about floating. Sow with that is there something along the lines of a tool and going airborne that you can think of? wow, it's hard to tpe on a moving bus..

(Are in on the challenge, FaM? Go on, tell me what it is, I won't spread it, promise)

Oh yeah, there is a reason that I know things that's never been said on the forums. I should address that.

It would seem the winner gets a leatherman like yours. Going from your pics, they're pretty awesome

Oh, don't worry about winning the Juice...Just have it engraved with CameronSS and ship it to me...I'll take good care of it...

Yeh, right...

If I win (and I haven't even entered yet!), I've got two boys - #2 son has decided to be a Maker (have you seen his castle?), and #1 son wants his first proper knife for scouts.

I might just get it engraved "Daddy's spare knife, hands off!" =D

Yes, I saw the amazing castle..I commented on it, and you responded! I guess 39 is old... :-)

How about a tool box? Soldering Iron Dremel Spanx Nail Gun Spear gun

well my uncle once had a spear gun and said that he shot fish under water in Hawaii but what do you mean?

I would have them match the font, and engrave "icious" right after "Dremel"

One of the Swissbits? Those things are pretty cool. Some have a USB Flash Drive, Laser pointers... OH i KNOW! The 82 in 1 Swiss army knife!

Hand tools; A Lie Neilsen block plane, an adz or drawknife, of course someone could really mess themselves up with those two.

Subscription to magazine, I like Weissenburgers idea of a soldering station and set. A prize related to the contest? Leatherman tool as a last resort if there isn't anything better. (Though with the Leatherman's; anyone would be content with one)


11 years ago

May I first say, just this contest's name sounds awesome! Because I'm new, and haven't won any prizes yet, even stickers would make my day. A Leatherman, that'd rock my world. Heck, I think I'm privileged to just enter the contest alone. I'm sure that any tools (hammers, screwdrivers) that are custom or custom engraved would make people happy. I'm not sure what all those fancy laser cutters can do, or if it's within budgets and all that. I also don't know all the tools that people here use. I'd say that, though, the prizes (if possible) should be related to the contest, like how y'all gave away a stapler for the Office Supplies Challenge, and now a commuter bike and solar panels for the Go Green! Contest. By the way, details are coming soon, but when you say short, are you talking a 1-week speed contest? Or perhaps a bit longer? Thanks. Ignore the above at will. ;-)

You're thinking along the right lines, but I'm looking for suggestions!!! A bit longer.

Tools: (which, I guess, could be custom-engraved, or otherwise) Dremel! Hedge clippers PVC Cutter A crimper? Sheathed Knife (though giving knives to kids might be a bad idea.) Non-Tools: A cloth bag with an image, like the Instructables Robot or Logo (I remember this idea mentioned somewhere). Speakers for a computer? Going out on a limb here, but a mailbox? Balls? (like football, and other game balls) Since the contest is Launch It! (though I'm not sure what that means) maybe rockets and the engines for them? I'll come up with some more soon.


11 years ago

Launch it?