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Launch Statistics Down Following Site Upgrade ? Answered

The new website no longer promotes other instructables written by the author.

Perhaps this is a coincidence but the number of views appears to have has fallen drastically since the new website was launched. Would be interested to know if your launch stats are affected too.

Perhaps a (significant) portion of the recommended section that follows each instructable could be devoted to articles from the author?


There was a ~1 day drop in data on account of a bug in a small release we pushed out. Traffic did not drop, we just temporarily stopped tracking it. Thus, the numbers are a little wonky for that day. Sorry for the confusion!

Thanks ... that accounts for the sudden drop :)

Am getting used to the new look but still not comfortable with these features:
- The floating sidebar anchored to the bottom right.
- The text disappearing under the floating sidebar when you increase the font size.
- Click for smaller photos ;)


6 months ago

Yes, I think I have something similar with my stats... (without my last instructable published after the creation of new website).

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 23.00.59.png

I think it's a coincidence. How did Instructables promote your Instructables before the update?

The equivalent of the "recommendations" panel that now precedes the "comments" section used to appear in the right-hand side of the screen. The BIG difference is that the current "recommendations " panel no longer promotes any of your previous work ... at least two or three of your previous instructables ALWAYS appeared ... which translates into lost views.

At the very least a "More from" button should be added. Why write if readers can't easily find you?

I think it is likely to earlier to tell, but yeah, mine seem to have taken a bit of a dip. I would imagine the site REALLY cares about traffic though and monitor it carefully so any downturn may cause them to reverse course. I agree that authors haven't done well out of this change, they've really downsized our profiles within each instructable and nerfed our other work.