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Launch statistics Answered

My launch statics appear to have disappeared, or are they in a new location?

I find the graphs helpful ...



4 months ago

OK, I stumbled on the answer.

Apparently displaying the stats is now a pro member feature.

My current pro membership had expired and I didn't notice it. In the past that just rolled over to the next one automatically since I have a long list of free pro memberships. I just activated the next one and the stats tab returned and the box reappeared on the instructables page listing all the Instructables. So it apparently is now a pro feature.

Are we talking about the same Stats tab ?

I have checked and my Premium/Pro membership doesn't expire until next year.

There is a Stats tab on each of my instructables but the Launch Stats that allows you to graph your views over the past "month/3-months/year" is not visible.

Yes that is the one. It is now in 2 places.

On the "new" profile page you click the instructables "button" which is next to the profile button. When it goes to the instructables page where it shows all of them the "launch stats" button is there but only if you have an active pro membership.

In the old format which still is there, it's the "You" page, the stats appear in a tab to the far right, which is where they were originally until they moved it to the profile page but apparently have restored it back to the you page, but again only if you have an active pro membership.


3 months ago

Good news ... the Launch Statistics have magically reappeared.

Thank you :)


4 months ago

Same complaint here. I used to check it often. If something started trending it showed up there. By default it showed the 5 most popular and then you could check others by clicking the box for them. For those of us with more than just a few instructables it was a nice way to see what they were doing.

I can't find them any more either, which is slightly odd because the last time I looked at them - a week or two ago - the one year span actually worked, for the first time in *years*. It might just be an oversight, because why fix them then remove them?

You can see them only on your I'bles. They work on my computer, on Chrome.

Hi Yonatan24

Thank you for your reply.

I have attached two screen shots .. I am using Chrome:

The "Launch Stats" button that used to be along-side the "PubIshed" button as vanished.

And I can't see a "Launch Stats" button in the second image when opening any of my Instructables

Clearing my browser history makes no difference

Yet you can see them ... this weird

Hopefully you can resolve this problem




Oh, I thought you were referring to the stats that were on an Instructables page. That never really worked when I tested anyway.

But the launch stats does show in your second image, it's on the right of the date displayed.

Sorry ... but that is not the launch statics to which I am referring.

The launch statics that used to reside beside the "Published" button (shown in photo 1) allowed you to graph the views for any combination of Instructables ... screenshot attached