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Launcher application Answered

At my school they have a program called launcher.exe on all of the shortcuts in the start menu. so if I wanted to open SketchUp for example it goes "do you want to run sketchUp (licenced to SCHOOL NAME) yes or no?" I looked at the shortcut and the target is "//admin/programs/launcher.exe sketchup.exe" Any ideas what the code is behind this. I want a program that will do something simmilar but let me change the app it opens using the commnad line.


in my school we have the same thing for the teched PCs you could just make a batchfile that does something similar


10 years ago

Um not quite sure what you mean, but I used to use an app called Launchy. You do a keyboard shortcut and a little window comes up and you type in the app you wanna launch. The new version is glitchy though. You might want to give Colibri a try. I used that before I started using Launchy

I just keep a few programs in the start menu now. That way I can keep my hand on the mouse instead of having to move them on to the keyboard.

hehe, thanks you've got me actually looking launchy up! :D -my brother was recommending it to me.

You may be able to copy the one from the school. Or you could try to search and see if you could fine one.