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Laundry room with no exterior walls in need of a better dryer exhaust solution! Ideas? Answered

I have a dryer with an exhaust vent that could not possible exit my condo as it is in a stack in the very center of my unit; moreover, even with a crafty snaking of ventilation piping couldn't get it near an exterior wall.  As you can guess, when I dry my clothes the utility room turns into a sauna and all of my walls develop condensation from the hot air and water vapor the dryer is using and extracting.  Does anyone have any good ideas for how I could reduce the condensation build-up or even alleviate the problem?  I thought of making some sort of dispersal fan to cool the hot dryer air as it exits the dryer, but I am not sold on this idea.



8 years ago

Dude, do a google search for "interior dryer vent". You will find what you need.


8 years ago

Hmmm, I wonder if you could rig up some sort of heat exchanger. But still, without access to an exterior wall even that may not be possible.


8 years ago

If you can't relocate the dryer closer to an exterior wall, that pretty much leaves you with only two options; install larger diameter vent pipe or add a clothes dryer vent booster.
The dryer vent booster is probably the most cost effective, if you consider the labor involved. You can find dryer vent boosters at most DIY centers.

I have done a bit of research on a few other websites and read a post by manhattan42 the comments regarding both the safety and the legality concern me.  

Only for the sake of clarity in this discussion am I including links to products... I regret if this is frowned upon.  

With that said, I provide the following citations and further questions.  Upon checking a manufacture's site who makes booster fans their site does not suggest that an installation is an option without an exterior vent.  

One idea I gained while browsing this same site is to add a lint trap  to the end of my vent hose and also run a dehumidifier when I run the dryer.  Any thoughts on this idea? 

Thanks to everyone's informative posts I am now aware that the current setup is doubtfully up to code.  As the current situation is not up to code I would like to clarify that this was not my installation or build and my hope is that there is an answer that brings my W/D up to code and alleviates the dangers of sparking lint.

Finally, it is quite clear that I need to raise the issues of the W/D utility room setup problems with my condo board.  Unfortunately, this may not be an issue unique to my unit:  a quick stroll around the building does not show any exterior venting for what I would expect to see for a dryer.

Thanks again for all of the great responses and I am looking forward to additional ideas and conversation.

If your budget stands it, I'd replace the dryer with a condenser-dryer.

No need for any venting at all, they have a lint-filter built in, and you get a steady supply of distilled water.

Thanks for the advice! I will have to look into this option!

Interesting. I presume that's the moral equivalent (and energy equivalent) of running a dehumidifier...

It's more than condensation and humidity you need to worry about. There is a fair amount of lint which escapes the trap and goes out the vent. That's a substantial fire hazard (and it makes awesome tinder for camping!).

Did you put the W/D in this utility room yourself, or was it provided by the condo association? It's a serious code violation, and if they set it up that way, you have an excellent case to require that they make the necessary construction modifications (installing vent ducting) to bring it to code.

If you put your W/D there yourself, was it just for convenience? Are you sure there isn't somewhere else in your unit (a closet in the hallway, for example) which already has an exterior vent hookup, and maybe even one of those bathroom-style ceiling fans?

Lint can be managed by running the exhaust through a filter. Classic is to run it into a bucket of water, but that puts still more humidity into the air. I've seen people use a layer or two of stockings with some success, but I'm not convinced that would really pass OSHA air quality standards and you're still stuck with the humidity.

You could run a dehumidifier in the room, which will extract moisture but add even more heat.

I do think either increasing airflow or moving the machine to somewhere that gets airflow sounds like a better bet. Or... you could run an exhaust duct along your ceiling all the way to an outside wall, soffetted in so it isn't excessively ugly, but I'm not sure whether your condo association would consider that an acceptable modification.

This illustrates one of the reasons I've never believed in condos: all the disadvantages of home ownership plus all the disadvantages of renting.

lol, I have a 1-gallon ziplock filled with it in my camping gear. Got a flint sparker a couple years ago for my birthday and fell in love with lint. Always knew there was at least one good use for it. The stuff will light almost by thinking. Now if only I had people to go camping with.