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Lawn mower blade hub. Answered

I'm trying to figure out how to get the blade hub off of the bottom end of the crankshaft on my TroyBilt - Honda powered mower. There is no set screw that I can find, and it doesn't appear to be a thread off. There is a key, but I can find nothing that suggests how to get this thing off. I need to take it off so I can change the bottom crankshaft oil seal. This is a Honda GCV160 engine. Thanks for any input.


Thankyou NachoMahma. There is a hole where the bolt that holds the blade on goes. The puller makes absolute sense actually, cuz there is no other visible means by which this thing is held on. Thanks again.

. You should be able to use the bolt to press the hub back onto the shaft.

Thanks again NachoMahma. I really appreciate the help.

. If the shaft/hub are keyed, then it is probably pressed on. If there is a hole through the hub, where you can see the end of the shaft, you can probably get it off with a pulley puller.