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Layout change in instructable? Answered

I don't know if this is a bug or a new feature and I've only seen it in one instructable so far (https://www.instructables.com/id/Foil-Solar-Panels-for-Windows-VERY-Easy/).

The secondary images are not smaller and are interspersed with text.  For example in step 2 there are 3 large images.  Is this a new format? If so I like it, how do I make mine look like that? or is this just a unique author/instructable?



Using interspersed images are available to paid (PRO) members who know how to write HTML directly. Just switch the editor to Source and put <IMG> tags where you want them. You can also take the opportunity to clean up the nasty pseudo-HTML generated by the editor in the first place :-)

Note that these interspersed images will not be "active" the way the Instructables-added ones are. in particular, you won't be able to associate image notes with them.

I did know you could do that, cool.

And notice how his steps all appear the same just with different numbers (up at the top of the 'ible), very slick. Very easy to follow.