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Lead Acid battery repair? Answered

I have a dead  6  volt 4ah   lead acid battery and 12 v 190 amp  liquid  battery some one help me to bring it back to life
12 v battery i used with ups


Lead acid cells have a life span. Well looked after and charged all the time they may last 7 to 10 years in a none auto environment.

After that they are scrap.

If you allow the battery to discharge below 10.5 to 11 volts it more then likely won't take a charge.

If you leave it discharged for any time it will refuse to charge.

Although there are desulphator chargers out there i believe the end result is never as good as a new battery

Depending on your history with this battery it is most likely scrap.

When i battery is in use, the sulfate in the electrolyte fluid creates a layer onto the lead, correct ?

And a desulphator is suppose to 'remove' the sulfate layering ?

Could you not physically remove this layer ? like a scrubber ?

Or does this sulfate layer need to be broken down chemically and "mixed" with the electrolyte fluid ?



6 years ago

I asked a very similar question a few months ago. I did buy a desulfator from eBay, followed the directions and left it on one battery for about 4 months. NOTHING, it didn't work. I tried it on a UPS battery, same thing, nothing. I used it on an almost dead battery, one that would still take a charge,  it appears to have helped it a little bit. It holds a charge for a longer time now. But as an experiment it was pretty conclusive--- desulafators will not bring back dead batteries. Keeping them charged however will prevent them from going dead as fast. There is a lot of information about it on the internet but lead acid batteries will only last for so long. If you recycle them then you can sort of re manufacture them.

what about my 12 v liquid battery it is not dead but gives low performance
which liquid or powder used for enhance it's performance.

I can help you build these circuits or I can show you chemicals that really fix your batteries.
Here is a homemade chemical fix.