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Learn Morse Code Answered

I saw a number of instructables on how to build various kinds of telegraphs, and one including a mapping of characters to either left or right, according to the number of dot's and dashes required to represent it. however, i am missing an instructable about how to LEARN such code. so i've been thinking. it's what i do some times. and i came up with this idea. i am searching for a software that would present you a blank screen. then a letter should appear on the screen, and a sound of the corresponding morse code should be heard. a couple of times. then the same with another letter. next, random letters should show up. the newer they are to the viewer, the often they should be shown and played. after some time, words should appear letter by letter, while playing them. and so on. can anybody help me finding such a piece of software? can anybody make such software?


This is the only one I found at Download.com that did not cost money:

Morse Code tutor

that's actually what i meant about mapping characters to either the left or the right.. there is an instructable with that...

Oh ok, sorry, I hadn't checked first....

Yeah, if I get a little time someday (my greatest bane) I may retry to learn it with that system.

ya, I imagine that it would be either learn morse code, or use instructables for you

Hmm, thats something to think about. |I have tried to learn it using a homemade key - signal set up but have been unsuccessful, mostly from lack of motivation I believe.