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Learning to crochet. Is it too hard? Answered

I always wanted to learn  to crochet. But I freak out because I think it's too hard and keep thinking that I can't learn it :( . So I need a total beginner's guide to crochet and please tell me it's not that hard! Can anyone please help? 



Best Answer 5 years ago

Frankly, nothing that 'can be done' is 'too hard'. :)

Find a local 'yarn', 'needlecraft' 'crochet' 'knitting' group where you can find like-minded makers and someone will be glad to teach you this fun craft! It's a LOT easier to learn in person than it is from a series of pictures or even youtube videos because a mentor can guide you directly and help you adapt. I know at work here, 3-4 people crochet/knitting have spurned a good dozen others - some nights there are 10 people in various desks working on something!

please can some one help me crochet? Iv watched youtube but to fast iv brougnt a book but to hard to read


5 years ago

Crochet is easy. MUCH easier than knitting!

Relax. You can start with the 'finger crochet' chain that kids do. Tie a loop in some yarn. Reach through the loop with two fingers and grab the yarn. Pull some of it through the loop (making a new loop). Reach through the new loop and grab the yarn...etc etc etc. All the rest of crochet is just variations on the this act.

A crochet hook replaces you fingers. Which loop you reach through is up to you... the same one over and over? OK. Going through an old loop somewhere else is ok. Chaining off in any direction is ok. Go free form. If you can find a hold to go through, it's legal. You CAN'T do anything wrong!

Not too hard at all!, My mom taught me a basic stitch, Then once I was older and we had you tube. I was able to teach my self all sorts of stitches and how to pattern read.

Things you should possibly practice first. Just work on learning how to make 1 row of crochet and then keep going. The good thing you can pull the work and start over without wasting materials. A good hook would probably be size H..

single crochet
Half Double Crochet
Double Crochet.

You have a very clever wife. I on the other hand am a wife ;0) lol

Take a look at some of the suggested Instructables on the right>>>>>>


Small children can do it, so you can too. It's easier (but less varied) than knitting.

My wife did crochet for many years. She learned in one day.