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Leather: I want to make a full ace leather mask, any help? Answered

Well I wanted to make something like these, but less complex and maybe only the bottom half and a monocle attachment. I understand the basics of leather but was confused in how to:
• Attach leather to brass
• plan a mask
• create a mouthepeice

any and all help would be great!!!



To make a pattern for the base mask, one easy way would be to cover your head with cling wrap (leave breathing holes) cover the cling wrap with masking tape, then carefully cut the tape mask off of your head. Obviously, you would need some assistance for this. Once you have the tape mask, you can divide it into sections according to where you want your seam lines, then snip the sections until they lay flat. Add a 3/8" seam allowance to all edges that will be stitched together, cut your leather and stitch or rivet together. Add zippers, buckles or laces in back to close it back up.
After that, it's just decoration. You can attach metal pieces using cap rivets for leather. Cap rivets are available in numerous sizes and finishes from Tandy or ebay or sundry other places. Just drill a hole in the metal for the rivet shank, punch a corresponding hole in the leather, and bang the rivet in. For dimensional parts like the eyecovers on the pictures above, to may need to add a flange or a bracket to rivet through
Making a mouthpiece depends on how you want it to look, and what parts you have available. A round mint tin with holes or slots cut in it and painted brass-colored would make a simple respirator-style mouthpiece, as would one of those magnetic spice tins with the plastic window replaced by a piece of punched metal grille or expanded metal.

Thanks! that was a lot of help!, I'll post as soon as I'm done... oh and I asked my dad and he has a riviter :)