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Leatherman Freetyle or skeletool? Answered

Out of the reviews I have read, the Freestyle is the more popular of the two tools but I would like to hear some opinions on the two.
Is the skeletool worth about 20 euro more for a screwdriver and clip and how does the freestyle fare as a multitool?
Please tell me your opinion below. . .


I'm new here at instructables, I can comment on the Leatherman. I gave my husband a Leatherman some 5 years ago. It was the best purchase I made, because we are in the mountains a lot fixing fences. We have a small cattle business, and are for ever fixing fences my husband loves his for this reason alone. The knifes help to cut branches, if we fine ourselves staying overnight and need to have a fire. My husband also loves the leatherman, because its strong but delicate enought to hold the hooks for tying flys.

Which one did you get him? Personally I love the Wave.

Hack42Moem, this is my third attempt to post this message to you. I go to post my comment, and part of what I said is deleted. What I said earlier was I had checked what Leatherman he has its a Wave. The friend who recommend the Leatherman has a Wave as well, but at the time I didn't know his was a Wave. The only thing he told me at the time was it was the best!
Have a goodnight!

The Wave is a wonderful tool. It's heavy but I don't mind. I still like to have it on my belt at all times.

It appears that the forum is kind of wonky.... I've had similar problems.

thanks for commenting :D im glad to hear your hsband liked it :)

Just to muddy the waters, although I use Leatherman (I have a "Juice XE6" on my belt, and a "Style C5" in my pocket), I am also fond of Gerber. I used to use a "Light" (no longer made), and #1 son is hankering after a "Diesel".

I have been looking for a shop that sells gerber for a while now, ireland doesnt have many shops that sell knifes (appart from victorinox). Opinel for example can only be found in fishing shops, and when i was looking for a shop that sold leatherman thaey only had a few models (skeletool, freestyle, squirt and style). I wasent after something with too much functions, (i had a victorinox spartan, all i ever used was the blade) so the freestyle was perfect for me :)

I own neither but it comes down to what you need and expect out of your tools. If it is something you stick in your pocket or pack then to have it hanging off your belt or something to have it accessible is no big deal and the clip is just a nice option. If you are out in the woods and you need to change the batteries on a cheap light requiring you to unscrew the battery compartment cover, then you need a screwdriver. Go to a camping store or something and actually see how they feel and what is good for you.

Yeah, as Caitlinsdad points out, it's really dependent on what you require. I'm not a huge fan of either model, just not enough tools to really be called a "multi-tool" for "multi-situations". I can recommend the Wave, but it does cost a whole lot more. To stay in your price range, I'd probably go for the Blast...or if you want to sacrifice a couple tool options for a knife that swings out without having to open the handle, the Wingman.

The clip is only worth about a dollar (Canadian or US), in my estimation. You can pick up rock climbing, key chain, chain link clips and various things of that nature in the craft section of most stores and in the dollar shops (can't recall what they're called in Europe but I've heard you have them most places there too). Pretty much every Leatherman has a little fold out hole to clip into, tie paracord to, etc. The ones that don't have holes through the handle...possibly not all but every one I've ever looked at for more than a minute seems to.

At any rate, if you go to www.Leatherman.com you can see all the products they sell, with a full description of what tools are included on each one. Even has a nice sort of quick look icons to give you suggestions on what sort of activities each multi-tool is good for. You'll have to go to an online shop to look up the prices of the tools, but, at least you'll be able to see all your options.


A multi-tool with multiple parts that you never use (like itty-bitty tweezers) is just a waste of money and its more "stuff" to lug around. IMO, you're better off getting a good quality knife and buy the other things you need separately, or improvise... (a butter knife can be a screwdriver in the forest when you need one).

Thrasym, for the clip you mentioned, did you mean a carabiner? They are always good to have around... :-)

Oh, yeah, I guess I wasn't that clear.

I meant the clip/bottle opener bit on the Skeletool should only be valued at around a dollar (leaving the 'cost' of the screwdriver at $19). Because keychain clips, carabiners, etc, are so widely available at a cost of a dollar or so and they can be connected to any Leatherman to mimic the clip on the Skeletool.

For the most part, people aren't smart with their multi-tools, you make a good point. They're more of a gimmick in many cases.

I've got a MUT, which I love, I can whittle wood, bend, form, cut wires making fun little objects, take apart electronics, and a whole lot more (which works awesome for me anytime I'm outdoors or travelling, although, in all honesty, couple of the bits I'll probably never use). My son is in cadets, he's got a Wave, which he loves to have handy on his outdoor adventures. He gets to use most of the tools fairly regularly. On the other hand, we've both got a couple other multi-tools where most of the options are unused. Pretty much I only use the pliers on one of my other multi-tools, when I bring it with my MUT because I want to do some wire work (I used to use more before I got the Leatherman).

Dollar stores are called Euro stores in europe. I agree the skeletool is overpriced but there still is a market for it. The point of this fourm was to hear some reviews of them. I like the design of them both because their based around pocket knifes but have nicely hidden pliers for campsite emergencys. My friend has a MUT (he recomended leaterman to me (he has a huge colection of knifes like victorinox and opinel and he also owns some rare handmade knifes) but out of his collection his favourite was leatherman) but the two that caught my eye on the leatherman website were the freestyle and skeletool. Having looked up some reviews I found that on freestyle reviews they said the skeletool was better and on skeletool reviews they said that freestyle was better. I wanted to hear some reviews on them from owners of leathermen but I will take into mind what was said by Thasym, canuckgirl and catlinsdad about choosing multitools (I own a spartan and a true utility framework).
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Bought a freestyle a few weeks ago, i have had now problems with it, its blade is nice and sharp and the pliers are good and strong