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Leatherman PST Answered

I've been looking at instructables for a long time. I have not seen ONE Leatherman PST!

Anyone out there have a Leatherman PST, and use it as frequently as I do? (everyday)

Its a discontinued Leatherman, without some very useful features but it still has proved itself daily to me. I also have the leather sheath, not the nylon.

Discuss Leathermans, but mostly the Leatherman PST.


I too have a PST at the bottom of a lake. I lost one in Gatun Lake in Panama about 20 years ago. I soon acquired a new one that I still have. Since then I've collected several other brands and models. One very close rival of the PST and is also now obsolete is the Military Provisional Tool (MPT) made by Gerber. It was a near replica of the Leatherman, but had a rolled edge on the handle that made it more comfortable to use. Gerber had some QC issues with the MPT and discontinued it since their sliding model was much more popular. I still have a couple of PST's that I keep as a back-up in some of my kits.

I have the PST 2, but a am to nostalgic about it as I had a PST 2 as on of my fist got it with my own money pocket knifes, that I just get is out to just pet it & talk to it as if I was Gollum or something.


7 years ago

I have a PST. I've only used it a couple of times, though.

My PST is at the bottom of a lake ~sniffle~