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Leaving Knex, But Not Instructables! Answered

Hey everyone I'm leaving knex now and I just wanted to thank all of my subscribers and friends I've mad on this site! Also I wanted to know how much someone is willing to offer for 25-30lbs of knex. Thanks everyone and I encourage the rest of you to KEEP knexing!


I would pay about $40 for your knex. Sad to see you go :(

Sorry. I didn't mean it that way. I just don't know what type of knex you have, like if you have a lot of tires, or motors, or unique parts. Maybe you could post a couple pictures of all your knex together, to give people an idea of what you have.

Ill get some pics when i can and btw its over flowing a 30 gallon tub i think it is, also there are tons of roller coaster parts 2 of the biggest fastest motors 3 regular motors and thousand of regular knex and maybe a hundred mini.

Cool! Thanks for the description. I would bump my price up to about $75

Any chance of me getting some roller coaster parts to England?

What do you think would be a reasonable price ?

maybe ill check into it though my shopping list is getting tight im attempting to build a Microwave Oven Gun and amplify the Watts to about 10,000 instead of an average of 2,100 or 3,100 so i hope it doesnt blow up or kill me lol

Oh, time for another graduating class of K'nexers to go?

Are you serious but why :(


6 years ago

It's ok dude. I'm not getting ride of my knex but I'm I haven't posted or made something for a year and now (I think..) a lot of people have forgot me. Like KGB and beanie ostrich. And I still haven't finished my two last posts. I might even start posting other stuff to do with RC.